4 Fun Things To Do in New Orleans

New Orleans
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One of the most highly coveted vacation destinations is the city of New Orleans. It is known for many festive events. The most well-known, perhaps worldwide, is the festival called Mardi Gras. Although this can provide a substantial amount of entertainment, it is not the only thing that you can do in the city. There are also activities, indoor and outdoor, that will keep you preoccupied for days. Whether you choose to become more familiar with the local culture, or simply learn about its history, you will always have something to do. Here are 4 fun things to do New Orleans that you may want to consider when you visit.

New Orleans Ghost Voodoo And Vampire Tours

Similar to other cities throughout the United States, New Orleans is famous for its many haunted locations. There is also the mystique of voodoo that seems to permeate throughout the area. Vampires are also part of the lore of New Orleans, and all of these things together have created a fantastical idea of this city. There are many different tours that you can go on that will introduce you to this more spiritual and paranormal side of The Big Easy.

Cooking Classes In New Orleans

Although you will likely visit the many different locations where you can experience the cuisine of New Orleans, you may also want to consider taking classes. There are one-day events where you can learn how to cook some of the most iconic dishes that the city is known for. For some, they may want to know how to properly prepare gumbo for a meal. Others may focus on crawfish, Jambalaya, and other meals that are famous in this region of Louisiana.

Go On A Cemetery Tour

This is somewhat similar to going on a ghost hunt at night. The primary difference is that you are going to focus on cemeteries instead of haunted homes or areas that are in the woods. You may find yourself traveling to multiple cemeteries including the Greenwood Cemetery and the numbered St. Louis cemeteries that are said to be extremely haunted.

Outdoor Activities In New Orleans

If you are not into cooking or experiencing the strange side of the city, you might be more interested in looking at it during the day on a tour. You will be taken by a guide to different iconic locations that represent the city and its history. One of the best ways to experience this is by riding bicycles. Not only will you get exercise, but you will be able to take your time as you see this outstanding destination. The other option is to utilize the hop on hop off bus tours that are also extremely popular.

If you do get to New Orleans soon, these are just a few ideas to consider. There are so many outstanding places to see. Whether you are into ghosts, vampires, cooking, or if you just want to see the city, you can take advantage of the many tours that will show you things to do New Orleans.

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